About Karina Hayat

Karina Hayat’s journey is a testament to the extraordinary resilience and determination born from a life filled with hardships. Growing up in poverty and facing the consequences of her father’s political persecution, her early years were fraught with challenges that would shape her indomitable spirit.

Despite these obstacles and experiencing significant personal losses throughout her life, Karina’s resolve only strengthened, fueling her ambition to make a meaningful difference. Turning her trials into a force for positive change, Karina has made remarkable strides in the business sector while passionately serving her community.

Over the past decade, Karina Hayat has distinguished herself as a prolific speaker and panelist, gracing numerous platforms with her insights and expertise across a spectrum of subjects, from entrepreneurship and innovation in global health, to women’s empowerment and community service.

Her engagements reflect her versatile interests, wisdom and commitment to fostering dialogue, education, and empowerment in various domains.

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